Monbeef’s plant was commissioned in 1998. The facility uses the latest hot-boning design and technology. The plant sits on the same site as the earlier multi-species facility operated for many years by Frank Ripzsam and the Dorahy brothers.

The plant was the first purpose-built hot-boning plant constructed in New South Wales. In August 2011 Monbeef became an accredited Halal processor which involved plant modifications and new equipment.

In recent years significant investment has been made in introducing new technology and equipment to improve efficiency and allow an expanded range of products and packaging options.

Monbeef takes great pride as an innovative industry leader with high operating standards, particularly in the areas of product quality, environmental protection and employee safety.

Monbeef takes its name from the local region, the Monaro.


Gaylene Jennings, Human Resources Manager
P:  +61 2 6452 1783

Pat Cleaver, Livestock Manager
P: +61 2 6452 1783
M: 0417 671 294

Tim Dorahy, Marketing Manager
P: +61 2 6452 1783