Our Product

A key focus, particularly in recent years, has been in adopting best practice mechanisation and process management and continuing to evolve and improve.

The result is a highly controlled and efficient process that allows for flexibility and adaptability as required.

Monbeef works on a relatively small scale which allows flexibility in our processing and packaging. We adjust our operation to allow orders for specialised cuts, further processing as well as packaging variations and different sized cartons to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Australian Markets

Monbeef supplies beef products, by-products and specialised cuts for the Australian domestic market. We offer a range of options for tailored products, packaging and delivery.

For further information about our range of products or to discuss your supply requirements within Australia contact Monbeef.

International Markets

Sanger Australia

Monbeef has a long-standing export marketing relationship with Sanger Australia.

Through this relationship we have developed a wide range of products to meet the specialised and changing requirements of offshore markets. Sanger Australia works with Monbeef on export marketing, shipping and documentation of Monbeef products around the world.


Monbeef works exclusively with Agricomm for the export of its Halal certified products into markets of the ASEAN and the Middle East.

Agricomm, an established company with 25 years’ experience, has a detailed understanding of the market preferences, regulations and specifications.


Tim Dorahy
Marketing Manager
P: +61 2 6452 1783