Monbeef Direct

Monbeef has established a strong direct supply network with local cattle producers and dairy farmers who now recognise the savings that can be made by selling direct. By working directly with farmers we can ensure a regular supply of cattle to our facility resulting in better plant efficiency, which in turn is reflected in better prices for customers.

Benefits of Monbeef Direct to farmers:

  • We buy cows and bulls.
  • Our competitive pricing rewards producers.
  • Access our prices using our online price grid.
  • A long term committment – we want to build lasting relationships.

By ensuring a regular supply of cattle to our facility and minimising the peaks and troughs of the cattle market we can:

  • Continue to meet the demand for our products both in Australia and to our export market that takes our local product to 26 countries around the world.
  • Ensure the employment of between 85 and 120 people all year round resulting in an estimated six million dollars being injected into our region annually.
  • Continue to support the community through various initiatives such as sponsorship of local shows.

The benefits are for farming families, our employees and the wider community.

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Pat Cleaver, Livestock Manager
P: 02 6452 1783
M:  0417 671 294